Wellness Plans for Your Pet

Just as no two pets are alike, no two wellness plans are the same. Our staff at Monarch Veterinary Hospital is well trained to create a specific plan of immunizations, parasite treatment and prevention, and routine veterinary wellness examinations, including regular laboratory tests, for your pet to ensure ongoing optimal health.

These exams let us get to know you and your pet, and this personal attention will build a bond of trust between your pet and our entire staff of veterinarians, technicians, and assistants.

Whether your pet is a lively Jack Russell terrier, a mellow Labrador retriever, a sweet golden retriever, a couch potato Persian kitty, or a boa constrictor, our team at Monarch Veterinary Hospital will make certain your pet has the best health care possible.


“I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart from coming in on a Sunday and taking care of my Halle Bear with the gentleness and grace she deserved. Losing her is one of the sadest moments of my life, but I canít tell you in words how much it meant to myself and my family to have you there, making her last moments comfortable. Thank you so much for your dedication and caring.“ Christina L. of Huntington Beach