Natalie Murchison - Hospital Manager


Natalie is a native of Southern California.

After working in customer service for over 15 years and then at a multi-specialty veterinary hospital for 6 years, she knew it was her passion to continue to help animals and the people who love them. She has also rescued several animals over the years and has always had a passion in helping others. She loves being able to work in a hospital with opportunities for growth and in an environment where the team feels more like a family. Natalie has special training in management as well as customer service and conflict resolution. She is also up to date on all state of the art equipment and IT needs for Monarch Veterinary Hospital.

Outside of the hospital, Natalie enjoys spending time with her son Ryder. She enjoys traveling, paddle boarding, hiking, and camping. She has 2 4-legged rescue daughters Strom and Rivi along with a Lion Cat named Wheezus. And while that takes the majority of her free time, she of course loves taking advantage of the beautiful Southern California beaches and lifestyle.