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Veterinary Pain Management: Relief for Your Pet

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Monarch Veterinary Hospital takes the management and relief of pain in the pets we care for very seriously and we strive to excel at it every time. Whether your pet is acutely injured, recovering from a surgical procedure, or suffering from the pain of osteoarthritis that comes with age, pain management can improve his or her quality of life.

The staff at Monarch Veterinary Hospital has the knowledge and resources to keep your beloved pet free from any discomfort and mobile and active for as long as possible. We actively endeavor to stay on the cutting edge of this area of veterinary medicine as it advances every year. We now are using more local anesthesia and epidurals in conjunction with our general anesthesia than ever before, and we see an amazing positive effect as these pet patients wake up from surgery.

Pain Management for Senior Pets: Help for Arthritis

As pets age, arthritis may be a factor making them seem slower and less able to do the things they love. We can help with pain management. Older pets can be helped with the use of ongoing daily medications such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory products that will relieve pain and help with mobility. Dietary supplements can help both cats and dogs. At Monarch Veterinary Hospital, we can do much to ease your pet through the senior years. A very recent mode of treatment is Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy using your pet’s own stem cells to very effectively treat chronic osteoarthritis. Please make sure to talk with us about your senior pet’s comfort at your next appointment.

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