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Pet Wellness

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The professional staff at Monarch Veterinary Hospital is happy to set up a comprehensive plan of routine veterinary wellness exams, vaccinations, and parasite prevention and treatments specifically tailored to your pet, considering your pet’s life stage and unique lifestyle. These regular exams are critical, as treatment is much more successful and far less expensive when health conditions are identified early. Older pets, age 10 years or more, should have an exam at least every six months that includes screening laboratory diagnostics to find early organ failure before it can be detected clinically. By seeing your pet regularly, we build a strong and deeper relationship with you and your pet.

State-of-the-Art Veterinary Medicine

At every wellness examination, our veterinarians will perform a complete hands-on physical examination of your pet and take a thorough history from you. We will test for intestinal parasites (some of which are a potential threat to humans, especially young children) and heartworm disease, as well as look for evidence of ticks and fleas and prescribe the best preventives to protect your pet in his or her specific environment and lifestyle.

Laboratory blood tests will be recommended as indicated, especially if your pet takes medication regularly or is getting older. We always perform a dental and oral health exam because two-thirds of everything a veterinarian diagnoses in a pet 6 years or older is related to the mouth, directly or indirectly. Blood-borne bacteria usually come from an infection in the pet’s mouth, just as it does with humans.

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