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Surgical Solutions for Your Pet

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Monarch Veterinary Hospital can provide your pet many options if surgery is needed, as we have a fully equipped veterinary surgery suite. Dr. Kevin Bissonnette is a highly-trained surgeon with over 20 years experience, so you can be sure that we have the professional expertise to perform most surgeries on site, including the following:

  • Spay & neuter procedures
  • General & soft tissue
  • TPLO surgery for ruptured cruciate (knee)
  • Elbow dysplasia surgery including arthroscopy
  • Open chest cardiac procedures

Monarch Veterinary Hospital uses advanced monitoring equipment during every surgical procedure. Your pet’s electrocardiogram (ECG), pulse oximetry, and non-invasive blood pressure monitor (NIBP) are observed moment to moment. We also make sure body temperature is well maintained by thermal support. Intravenous (IV) electrolyte fluid support is provided for every surgical patient.

Specialized Veterinary Surgery

Monarch Veterinary Hospital has an ongoing relationship with talented surgeon Kevin Bissonnette, DVM. Dr. Bissonnette performs highly complicated surgical procedures and treatments such as:

  • Pericardiectomy to treat cardiac tamponade
  • Stem cell treatments use adult stem cells from the animal’s own body to decrease the pain of osteoarthritis and orthopedic surgery and can significantly improve your pet’s condition and comfort
  • Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO) surgery repairs cranial cruciate ligament injuries, which is a common injury resulting in lameness in athletic dogs

Dr. Bissonnette will meet with you before a procedure to discuss expectations, desired results, and blood work. Every pet is given a full physical examination so that we know as much as possible before surgery. Monarch Veterinary Hospital’s veterinary technicians monitor anesthesia and assist during the surgery. Dr. Bissonnette also makes it a priority to follow up with you and your pet after surgery. These pre- and post-op meetings are very important to him and for your pet’s well-being and recovery.

Compassionate Care

The veterinarians and technicians at Monarch Veterinary Hospital will take superb, loving care of your pet before, during, and after every procedure and throughout any extended hospitalization. We take precautions to minimize potential complications and strive diligently to provide the care and treatments our patients need to recover and heal completely.

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